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We have been completing commercial inspections in the Omaha /Council Bluffs and Lincoln areas for over 10 yrs.   Over this time the demand for commercial inspections has increased.

Inspections clarify the transaction – all parties gain overall knowledge of the condition of the property.   This helps parties come to final agreements and transactions are completed.


Our reports are easy to understand. They summarize the main findings of the inspection and give a general overview of the condition of a building or set of buildings.  Our reports also provide detailed information like serial numbers of equipment and descriptions of areas or elements that may need repair or replacement.

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About Us

Our inspectors have extensive backgrounds in commercial building construction.

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Get to know your local Commercial Inspection Team. High Levels of Integrity and Professionalism is how we build our relationships.

About Us


Commercial Inspection include a wide range of building types from apartment buildings to warehouses.

What We Inspect

General areas included in inspections: Lots and grounds, Drive and parking areas, Roof, Foundation, Heating and cooling system, Electrical system, Exteriors, Interiors.


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We want to hear from you. We will listen carefully to the specific needs concerning your unique commercial inspection.

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Our Core Values

Omaha and Lincoln Metro areas are home to us and we take pride in our community. As a company we strive every day to raise our level or service and professionalism. Clients are number one and our company culture is centered around that fact.