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Many Different Commercial Buildings

We specialize in meeting the needs of our customers depending on what we are inspecting. A church has different elements to inspect than a 24 unit apartment building. We have the experience in both and so we know how to build the best report and which areas to focus on during the inspection.

We gain expertise through experience. But, our education is never ending. We are proud to be involved in professional organizations such as InterNACHI which provides tools and information that we draw from constantly.

A commercial inspector has knowledge in many areas. We also know our limits and have connections with professionals who specialize in areas such as large commercial electrical components, engineering and architecture, or unique commercial HVAC systems. These professionals are called on from time to time so we ensure we are providing the best information possible to our clients


Apartment/ Multi-Unit Buildings

When inspecting a multi-unit building it is important to give an overview of the entire exterior and structure of the building and then also provide good detail about each individual unit.

Each unit will have its own components that need to be inspected with the same care and precision.